Bookkeeping and Small Business Accounting

As a small business owner you have more important things to do than worry about your accounting books. We take care of your books for you, so you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits!

Each month or quarter we will perform the following tasks for you:

  • Entry of all accounting transactions
  • Reconcile your bank account(s)
  • Generate an income statement
  • Generate a balance sheet
  • Clean up your general ledger

These tasks form the solid foundation of your small business accounting system. You can customize the package of services you receive by adding payroll, tax planning, tax preparation, or any of our other services.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconciling your business checking account each month allows us to keep your bank account, accounting, and taxes up-to-date.  The bank reconciliation is critical in identifying and preventing fraud as well as managing cash flow more effectively. 

Income Statement

The income statement, otherwise known as a profit and loss statement, adds an itemized list of all your revenues and subtracts an itemized list of all expenses to come up with a profit or loss for the period.  This allows you to determine the operating performance of your business, determine any areas that are over or under-budget, and determine your taxable profit and subsequent income tax liability.

 Balance Sheet

The balance sheet gives you a snapshot of your business’ financial condition at a specific moment in time.  The balance sheet allows you to analyze trends in payables and receivables, as well as cash/financing needs.

Cost and Software Options


Accounting services are not one-size-fits-all, our fees vary depending on the extend of the work, the number of transactions, the number of bank accounts involved, and a variety of other factors.  We utilize a variety of software including QuickBooks and Accouting CS to better serve our clients and your needs, please contact our office to discuss your bookkeeping and accounting needs as well as receive a customized quote based on your business and your accounting needs.